Services that help reduce cost, risk, and schedule when bringing your new product to market.

LogiSync has a rich history in developing innovative products for leading companies in multiple industries. This diversity and depth of experience in providing embedded system development services means we are equipped to handle each project based on its own needs. While no two projects are alike, LogiSync’s engineering development processes can be quickly tailored to a specific project based on cost, schedule, risk, and other factors. LogiSync is equally adept at working with companies from the startup phase to Fortune 100’s and everything in between.

LogiSync’s development services extend throughout the entire product development life cycle. Whether your organization prefers a turnkey solution or a collaborative team approach for effective knowledge transfer, LogiSync’s powerful combination of systems, processes, people, intellectual property, and supply chain will reduce the cost, schedule and risk associated with your embedded systems product development.

Systems Engineering

LogiSync applies sound systems engineering methodologies and processes throughout the entire product lifecycle. Model-based systems engineering tools are used from the requirements capture and management phase through development, and into formal design verification and validation testing. These very same tools are useful throughout the manufacturing, maintenance, and feature enhancement phases of a product.

Hardware Development

LogiSync is highly proficient in designing custom electronics for OEM customers. Our PCB designers are Altium-trained, certified, and capable of working to a variety of design standards appropriate to the end product. LogiSync works with customers to provide supporting analysis such as derating, reliability, and failure mode effects analysis FMEA. Design for manufacturing DFM and design for test DFT are also considered up-front to ensure a smooth transition to full-scale manufacturing.

LogiSync’s hardware experience is typically microcontroller-based using components from nearly all of the major silicon providers. Other areas of expertise include embedded network communications, digital I/O, analog I/O, power controls, digital signal processing, signal conditioning, low-level analog, RF design, motor controls, and safety-critical.

Embedded communications includes Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy BLE, Controller Area Network CAN, and bus-oriented systems such as RS-485 and Mil-Std-1553. LogiSync has strong mechanical and industrial design partners to provide a complete product solution including user experience, enclosures, actuators, and industrial panels.

Software Development

LogiSync develops software for embedded systems ranging from low-end bare metal applications to fully featured systems using Real Time Operating Systems RTOS, or Linux. Software development at LogiSync is supported by architecture, design, interface design, and modularity. LogiSync has created an extensive base of re-usable software libraries to reduce the cost, schedule, and risk associated with development.

LogiSync develops platform support such as board support packages BSP, device drivers, communications stacks, and value-added edge processing. Typical edge processing includes logging, trending, alarming, closed-loop control, frequency domain processing FFT, and customized analysis or control algorithms, and safety-critical.

LogiSync’s software development is fully supported by a suite of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools CASE.

User Interfaces

The ultimate test of any product or system design is determined by how positive the user’s overall experience is with it. Great user interfaces hide the underlying complexity, resulting in a simple and intuitive interaction; yes even enjoyable!

Test Engineering

LogiSync provides formal test engineering services that include design verification testing DVT, validation testing, and agency compliance testing through partner laboratories. LogiSync provides documentation that traces test results to source requirements and employs a formal issue tracking system to analyze, assign, prioritize, and close out test discrepancies. This formalized approach drastically reduces the likelihood and resulting cost of a product with design defects getting into the field.

Transition To Manufacturing

A successful product development is one that moves quickly from inception through the development and test phases and into full-scale manufacturing. For this to occur, it requires careful planning and execution during development.

Early on in a project, LogiSync works with customers to determine the proper manufacturing test approach such as functional testing or automated testing. LogiSync develops manufacturing test support equipment and fixtures to reduce the cost of manufacturing and increase quality.

Many of LogiSync’s customers engage us to assemble prototypes, conduct pilot runs, and assist in start-up of manufacturing. LogiSync is also often engaged to provide sustaining engineering for manufacturing programs and provide support for engineering change notices ECN, substitute parts requests, or test issues.

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