What Will LogiSync Do For You?

LogiSync was established in 1993 to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with embedded hardware and software solutions that enable equipment and devices to be remotely monitored and controlled using industry-standard networks. We are committed to providing our OEM customers with innovative design solutions for new product development, re-engineering, and legacy support.

LogiSync’s development processes are flexible and designed to be quickly adapted to customer needs. Whether your project requires a fully documented approach capable of meeting FDA requirements, or a quick-turn of a proof-of-concept unit for an investor demonstration, LogiSync’s talented team stands ready to meet your product development needs from the ideation stage all the way through to full-scale manufacturing.

Engaging LogiSync as your development partner will save you time and money while simultaneously reducing risk. Please call one of our sales associates to find out how LogiSync can help make your project a success starting today!